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Special screening of "71-Into the Fire" held in U.S.

Date: 2010.07.29

Special screening of 71-Into the Fire held in U.S.
Official movie poster for "Into Fire" [Taewon Entertainment]

Korean war film "71-Into the Fire" has been shown in three cities in North America, according to movie's producer Taewon Entertainment on Thursday.

A press release from Taewon announced that special screenings for the film were held in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta on July 27, three days ahead of its premiere in fourteen other cities in the United States.

In New York, “Fire” was shown at the AMC Empire 25 theaters, making it the first ever Korean film to be featured at the movie complex. In Los Angeles, the movie was shown at the MPark4, a theater that shows many Korean flicks, and at the AMC Discover Mills 18 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The war epic will be shown in cities including New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Chicago and Virginia once its premieres on July 30.

“Fire” has garnered much attention from overseas, particularly in the United States. Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo and director Lee Jae-han attended a special seminar commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War at Stanford University's Asia-Pacific Center and the pic has officially been invited as the closing film for the 30th Hawaii International Film Festival in mid-October.

"71-Into the Fire," helmed by famed director Lee, is based a true story of 71 student soldiers who fought during the Korean War. It stars top Korean stars Kwon, Chan Seung-won, Kim Seung-woo and T.O.P from idol group Big Bang,

The film opened in local theaters on June 16 and has accumulated over 3.3 million admissions to date. It has also maintained a spot within the top 10 of the Korean box office.

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