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Singer Min Kyung-hoon to give second concert in Japan

Date: 2010.04.30

Singer Min Kyung-hoon to give second concert in Japan

Korean singer Min Kyung-hoon will be visiting Japan to give his second solo concert titled "2010 Min Kyung-hoon Solo Live Concert-Rebirth" May 27, according to his agency IS Enter Media Group on Friday.

Min will be performing at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel where some 1,000 fans will be invited to see the concert. It will be similar to his solo performance which was held in Korea on April 17, followed by a hand shaking event with his fans.

He had previously held a concert in Japan two years ago when he began his solo career in 2008.

"I am happy to be returning to the country for my concert for the first time in two years. I am really excited to be meeting my Japanese fans and I will put on the best performance for them," said the singer.

A representative from IS explained, "We had received many requests for Min to visit the country after he released his solo album. This will give us an opportunity to work together with local entertainment companies to plan Min's future plans there."

Min Kyung-hoon made his music debut in 2003 as the lead vocalist for the now-disbanded rock band Buzz.

After the group disbanded, Min continued with his solo career releasing several albums featuring his hits "Sad Fool," "One Day" and "It Hurts Because It's Love."

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