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Shin Hye-sung to spend summer holidays with fans

Date: 2010.08.05

Shin Hye-sung to spend summer holidays with fans
Official poster for Korean singer Shin Hye-sung's upcoming fan event [Live Works Company]

Korean singer Shin Hye-sung will be going on a summer vacation with some 500 Korean and Japanese fans at the end of this month, according to a press release by PR firm The J Story on Thursday.

J Story said in a press release that the singer will be spending three days, from August 28 to 30, with fans at the Konjiam Resort in Gyeonggi Province for a fan event titled "The Summer Holidays with S.H.S. in KOREA - KOREA & JAPAN."

Shin himself is said to have thought up ideas for the event, which will include a mini acoustic concert, game playing as well as a photo session and hand-shaking time with his fans.

"This is the first event where I will be spending this long a time with the fans, and I am already so nervous and cannot wait for it," the singer was quoted as saying. "I will prepare so that I can give fans unforgettable memories that they will remember for a lifetime."

Further details, including how to apply, regarding the event are available on the Shin's official website (www.lworks.co.kr/HYESUNG).

The singer, who held fan meets in Shanghai and Taiwan last month, will be visiting Bangkok on August 7 for the "2010 SHIN HYE SUNG LIVE MUSIC SHOW IN THAILAND."

Born Jung Pil-kyo, Shin made his debut in 1998 as the lead singer of popular boy band Shinhwa who released nine albums as a group. He has since released several solo albums in Korea, Japanese album "Find Voice in Song" and a greatest hits record titled "Shin Hye Sung Collection 2010," released in February.

The 30-year-old singer made headlines last October when he was charged with a 10 million won fine for gambling in Macau on several occasions, and has since been working in Japan.

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