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"Salt Doll"'s Hwang Soo Jung returns in "For My Son"

Date: 2011/11/23

'Salt Doll's Hwang Soo Jung returns in 'For My Son'

Korean Actress Hwang Soo Jung, the main actress of the 2007 drama "Salt Doll" returnd with 4 episodes of KBS special drama titled 'For My Son'.

Hwang Soo Jung will play a North Korean female spy who goes south for a secret mission. She then falls in love with a crime squad detective who has no idea of who she is.

The detective will be played by 48-year-old actor Choi Soo Jong (President, Dae Jo Young)

38-year-old Hwang Soo Jung is a quite extraordinary actress. Rose to stardom since her popular drama Huh Joon in 1999, she then involved in several illegal drug abuse , forced her to a hiatus. She made a return in 2007 Salt Doll and 2008 movies Night and Day before she made another 4 years hiatus and joins the cast of 'For My Son'.

She is a great actress and with veteran actor Choi Soo Jong plus intriguing spy story, this special drama will be awesome.

"For My Son" already started filming for December release.

Source: Newsen

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