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SHINee member Taemin reveals childhood photos

Date: 2010.07.30

SHINee member Taemin reveals childhood photos
Childhood photos of SHINee member Taemin

Childhood photographs of Korean boy band SHINee member Taemin have been unveiled on various online websites.

On Friday, four photos of the youngest SHINee member, titled "Childhood years of the elf-like Taemin," were released on numerous portal sites, garnering positive responses from fans.

Two of the photos showed baby Taemin, one sleeping and the other smiling, while the others are of the singer during his elementary school years.

Fans have left responded, "How can someone be that handsome?," "He looks exactly the same as he is now" and "He really looks adorable and cute."

Of the photos, Taemin's baby picture is set to be featured in version B of the group's second full-length album "LUCIFER," which went on sale on July 28.

SHINee, composed of other members Jonghyun, Onew, Minho and Key, were discovered and trained by SM Entertainment. They made their debut in 2008 with their first mini-album "Replay."

The five-member boy band recently gave their comeback performance on televised music show "Music Bank," singing their title tracks "Lucifer" and "Up & Down" last weekend.

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