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On the stages of Pentaport Rock Festival

Date: 2010.07.30

On the stages of Pentaport Rock Festival
Japanese pop band Kishidan performs at the 2010 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival held at the Dream Park in Incheon city of the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on July 24, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

"2010 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival" - Yeah, This is Pentasy.

- 26 hours prior to arrival (Friday morning 9 a.m., the first day of Pentaport Rock Festival) - Wow, Penta as expected. Rain as expected.
- One hour prior to arrival (Conversation No.1 in the car) - "Hmm, with this rain streak, it would actually be cooler and better." "Right?"
- Thirty minutes prior to arrival (Conversation No.2 in the car) - "The sun is out. It could be hot." "Right?"
- Upon arrival (Final conversation in the car) - "Shouldn't we put on some sunscreen before we get out of the car?" "Right."

The sun was beating down strong, the first performance on the main stage had yet to being and there was an enormous awning on the dream stage which also serves as a soundproof wall. However, the biggest reason that quite a few people had gathered around the dream stage a bit early in the festival's afternoon hour was, as expected, the performance by 10cm. Completely contrary to how they looked during the interview with 10Asia, the band members looked clean-cut and sang the song "I Am Scared To Be Alone Tonight." As if to make their wish come true, the audience did not leave the stage. As acoustic guitar mixed sounds with djembe, the good feeling of cheerfulness and drowsiness filled up the dream stage. It was a safe start that had no screams, no slams and no jumping. In other words, it was a time where a grand factory that is a rock festival warms up little by little before it starts operating. However, everyone probably knew. That the time would soon come when they consume all their energy like crazy.

This is pretty amazing. 'Zzan zzan zzan zza ra zza ra zzan zzan zzan,' goes the guitar prelude and the chorus called "Apoo." As Kishidan's song "One Night Carnival" starts to play, several thousand hands stretched towards the sky swing left to right in the air, just as bandleader Ayanocozey Show and dancer Hikaru Saotome do on the stage. The question as to whether the Korean audience could actually respond to Kishidan's unique choreography was proven groundless. The palpitating energy and choreography of this weird rock and roll band, whose regent hairstyles look as if they were scooped right out of a comic book, crossed over the ocean and infected the Korean audience just as much. The number of Kishidan fans, who shout after the group-chorus "Angels" oh so precisely, were larger than expected but most kept crying out, "Wow, these guys are really awesome!" while following the choreography moves they were seeing for the first time.

In any case, not a single person stood still and nobody kept quiet. When singing "Kira Kira," everybody followed the leader singing "Bob doowa bibap doowa" with little explanation given. But even while they were laughing, shouting, jumping and imitating the choreography, one did not think that they would leave anything that was as powerful as their first impression. Not even when extra cast members wearing Ninja uniforms with add-ons ripped off both of their sides and changed into a red school uniform nor when all the members put down their instruments and came out wearing a purple SWAT team uniform. But when the entire Kishidan members, with that purple SWAT team uniform, started singing [old Korean pop group] Sobangcha's "Story Of Last Night," everyone had no choice but to be surprised. Although DJ Ozma, the alter-ego (or the look-alike) unit of the bandleader, had made a remake of DJ DOC's "Run To You," it was never expected that we would see Kishidan pulling off the lyrics of "Story Of Last Night" in Korean. The Korean audience responded with a collective chorus and cheers that sounded like they were ripping out their vocal cords. Total combustion that burns everything white. Yeah, this is Pentasy.

If someone asks what the biggest difference is between listening to music and watching a performance, how would you answer? That the difference lies in listening and watching? That is not a wrong answer but the difference is, as expected, the matter of physical strength. That is why the food zone, set up neater than previous Pentaport festivals, is practically the driving force of this colossal rock festival. The long line of people waiting to exchange their money into coins they can use in the food zone, makes it possible for one to estimate the amount of energy that thousands of people have spent watching performances by Biruet, Guckkasten and Kishidan. And one can also guess the energy that they would have to gush out watching the upcoming shows by headliner performers. So, one must eat well and be ready. That is the truth about rock festivals. The food you eat out of inertia since it is time to eat and the kind you eat because you feel like you are going to keel over if you don't fill the fuel tank immediately is different by nature. After a long wait in the line and just when I was about to have a sip of beer and a bite of kebab, Yoon Do-hyun Band came on stage. I turned my back on their first song, rationalizing that I wasn't just here to see Yoon Do-hyun Band. Could they have predicted something like this would happen? Because the second number by Yoon Do-hyun Band was "Cigarette Store Girl." Ah, what am I supposed to do.

"LCD is awesome," says one reporter to a fellow reporter as he enters the Press Zone, just moments after watching LCD Soundsystem perform. How could it not be awesome when you can see them singing "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" in front of your very eyes? But the interesting thing about the sight of a rock festival is that even during such awesome moments, somebody is kicking and splashing in the pool covered with soapsuds while another is drinking beer and dancing outside. Like Kishidan's leader Ayanocozey Show says, if rock and roll is a lifestyle, then the spirit of rock which fills up rock festivals is not about watching every rock shows but freely exposing one's taste as much as he wants to. At times, that would be headbanging along to headliner Hoobastank's cool number "Just One" and at other times that would be getting up the courage you normally don't have and talking to the opposite sex you have never met before. Or sometimes it would be not thinking about tomorrow and just drinking beer. Yeah, this is Pentasy.

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