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Lee Minho fan meet craze in Shanghai

Date: 2011/12/01

Lee Minho fan meet craze in Shanghai

Actor Lee Minho recently visited China and the Chinese media reported on November 30th, "Lee Minho was in Shanghai for a fan meet and his fans overcrowded each location he travelled to."

There were reportedly about a thousand fans that awaited his arrival at the airport, despite the fact that his landing time was quite early in the morning. As soon as he stepped out of the gate, the fans held up their signs and cards, and the airport was suddenly filled with the cries and shouts of the many fan girls.

The actor was escorted out of the airport by airport security to his car. He looked happy despite the traffic his fans were causing, and waved to them with a smile, thanking them for waiting so long to see him.

But it wasn't just at the airport. There were a crowd of fans that awaited him in front of his hotel. Lee Minho went up to his room to change and quickly stepped out again to head to his next destination. There was a throng of girls surrounding his car, but he managed to climb in after greeting the fans with a wave of his hand.

Lee Minho will be holding a fan meet tour in China, traveling to Beijing as well as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and more.

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