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Kishidan says "we don't necessarily try to keep our pride"

Date: 2010.07.30

Kishidan says we don't necessarily try to keep our pride
Japanese band Kishidan: From left, members Hoshi Grandmarnier (guitar), Shiratori Shouchikubai (bass), Saotome Hikaru (dance), Ayanocozey Show (vocal), Shiratori Yukinojoe (drum) and Saionji Hitomi (guitar). [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Kishidan says "our band's style is that we don't necessarily try to keep our pride"

At the "2010 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival" held July 23 to 25, foreign musicians including Stereophonics and Hoobastank performed the grand finale as the festival's headliners. But the foreign musician who brought out the most enthusiastic responses from the audience was definitely Japan's Kishidan, who gave an afternoon performance on July 24. With the fashion concept of a disorderly student in Japan who gives comedic and intense performances, this band is well known as the prototype for Korean band Norazo. Ayanocozey Show, the vocalist and leader of the band who has done remakes of DJ DOC's "Run To You", has also worked as the unit DJ Ozma and gained high recognition in Korea as well. Here is the brief but entertaining interview that 10Asia had with Kishidan, just before they were about to go onstage at Pentaport.

10: How much time did it take to do your hair today?
Ayanocozey Show: It usually takes about an hour.

10: Is it the pride of an artist to stick to keeping such cumbersome hairstyle? Or is it the pride of a man?
Ayanocozey Show: Our band's style is that we don't necessarily try to keep our pride. For example, if there is a band that has a special performance or style, it is best to try to be a cool man by quickly imitating them and imitating them easily.

10: If that is the case, does that mean you could ditch the current hairstyle when a better one comes out?
Ayanocozey Show: It there is a cooler hairstyle than this one, I would get rid of it. But to this day, I have not seen a cooler style for the past ten years. Hahaha.

10: This kind of aspect provides laughter for the audience. When Kishidan made a comeback in 2009, you said that you were scared people were losing their laughter. Is the code of laughter the most important thing for Kishidan?
Ayanocozey Show: Even when I say laughter, I don't mean the laughter like comedians. It is our style to work hard so that people can smile. You can just remember us as a humorous band.

10: Then what does rock and roll mean to you?
Ayanocozey Show: I think rock and roll is basically an enjoyable style. Even if a person is not good at singing and is a bit of a bad singer, he can still do it if he likes to sing. I think that is rock and roll.

10: Then do you believe that rock and roll is a spirit, not a genre?
Ayanocozey Show: Of course. Rock and roll is one type of a lifestyle.

10: If so, is the rock and roll lifestyle the same as the lifestyle of DJ Ozma?
Ayanocozey Show: Of course it is the same with DJ Ozma. I think rock and roll is taking off pretentious outfits. Um... But now that I think about it, DJ Ozma really did take off his clothes. Hahaha. (DJ Ozma had sparked up a huge controversy after he appeared on NHK's "Red and White Song Battle" where his backup dancers took off all of their underwear during the performance. But the female backup dancers were reportedly wearing body suits that looked naked.) I always have questions about this thing called rock and roll. People think rock and roll is the coolest thing, but I worry just what makes cool rock and roll. In that respect, I think DJ Ozma and Kishidan share the same thing.

Kishidan says we don't necessarily try to keep our pride

10: Right now the bandleader is the only one talking. Are there any members who does not agree with the philosophy of Kishidan that the bandleader is stipulating?
The rest of the members: No. We all feel the same. Our hearts are one.

10: Really? I am suspecting a dictatorship by the bandleader. (laugh)
Ayanocozey Show: Actually, the Japanese people are suspicious of that part too. But we have been friends for a long time so they have faith in me. Even though there are times when they get a little nervous. Hahaha.

10: Is it possible that a revolt might break out?
Ayanocozey Show: In fact, there was one time in 2006. Hahahaha. One guy said that he wanted to do a different kind of music and another one said he wanted to do something different.

10: How did you dominate them? (laugh)
Ayanocozey Show: I was working as DJ Ozma at the time too. Hahaha. But the guys came to see DJ Ozma shows, wrote songs and we were naturally able to start working again.

10: Prior to your performance today, is there anything you would like say to the Korean fans?
Ayanocozey Show: If there is a band who wants to work with us, or a band that might be good with us, please tell us. We want to work with them.

10: Could we perhaps see "127 Call" (Kishidan's trademark performance where they induce responses from the audience during the performance for "The White Lightning on Route 127") today?
Ayanocozey Show: Well, I don't think the Korean fans would be familiar with "127 Call" at this performance. I wanted to focus on expressing our adoration for Korea.

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