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Kim Kyu-jong, Heo Young-saeng says SS501 to release album next year

Date: 2010.12.06

Kim Kyu-jong, Heo Young-saeng says SS501 to release album next year
From left, SS501 members Kim Kyu-jong and Heo Young-saeng talk to fans at a fan meeting held at Sangmyung University's Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul, South Korea on December 4, 2010. [Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

Korean idols Kim Kyu-jong and Heo Young-saeng have said that their boy band SS501 will release a group album next year.

The remark came Saturday during a press conference held before their fan meeting "Story in Seoul" at Sangmyung University's Sangmyung Art Center, the two's first official meet-and-greet with fans since signing newly with solo songstress Lee Hyori's agency B2M Entertainment two months ago.

"We spoke with the other members last week regarding the album. Right now we think that it is important that each of us focus on our individual activities but we have talked about coming up with a new album next year," Kim explained, adding that a date has yet to be set.

Kim and Heo both made their debut in the five-member group SS501 with their first self-titled album in 2005, releasing various hit songs such as "Snow Prince," U R Man" and "Love Ya."

In June this year however, the members of SS501 went separate ways after their contract with DSP Media expired -- Kim Hyun-joong signed with KEYEAST, Park Jung-min with CNR Media and Kim Hyung-joon with S-Plus Entertainment.

Kim and Heo met with over 1,500 local and international fans during the fan meeting where they held various events for their fans including a mini-concert, a question and answer session and shown a video featuring their daily lives and journeys.

The two will continue their fan meeting to several other countries in the Asia region including Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

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