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Kim Joo Hyuk in "God of War"

Date: 2011/11/11

Kim Joo Hyuk in 'God of War'

39-year-old Kim Joo Hyuk makes a comeback after his last drama "Terroir" was aired in 2008.

He will lead the cast of upcoming MBC special drama tentatively titled "God of War" (or "Soldier") which is scheduled for early 2012.

God of War is a saeguk and tells about the tale of the Guryo dynasty that was ruled by soldiers. Kim Joo Hyuk takes on the role of Kim In Jun, a strong manly character, a slave who turned the old-regime and then ruled the land instead of old government.

Kim Joo Hyuk on his upcoming role said that this is his first ever saeguk drama and he will show the various emotions and sorrows of a man who became the first emperor from a slave as well as showing the sorrow of that era.

Source: Newsen

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