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Kim Hyun-joong to be absent for "Naughty Kiss" event in Taiwan

Date: 2010.12.22

Kim Hyun-joong to be absent for Naughty Kiss event in Taiwan
Korean actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong [KEYEAST]

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joon will be absent from the promotional event for "Naughty Kiss" in Taiwan.

A PR official from his agency KEYEAST told 10Asia over the phone on Wednesday, "We were discussing Kim's appearance at the 'Naughty Kiss' promotional event on December 26 in Taiwan but we've decided he won't take part in it since he has some health issues."

She went onto explain that the 24-year-old heartthrob is not severely ill but needs time to rest since he has led a busy schedule after his last project.

Kim made his debut as the leader of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005. He rose to stardom after starring in the popular TV series "Boys Over Flowers." He recently played the leading male role in MBC's "Naughty Kiss."

He has visited a number of countries in Asia for fan meetings and promotional events and is currently preparing to make his music comeback with a solo album next year.

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