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Kim Bum is a great senior says Choi Tae Jun

Date: 2011/11/12

Kim Bum is a great senior says Choi Tae Jun

Upcoming jTBC drama "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" revealed new stills which showed another cast outside three main casts (Jung Woo Sung, Han Ji Min and Kim Bum).

It's rookie Choi Tae Jun who plays Im Jung which is the son of Kang Chil (played by Jung Woo Sung).

Choi Tae Jun and Kim Bum is reported build friendship as they shot several scenes together and they're also came from same university and only have 2 years age difference.

And they have compliments for each other.

Kim Bum said," even though Tae Jun was shy to people, he treated me and Jung Woo Sung very well. Before he joined the cast , I was the youngest actor, so it's quite strange that he is treating me as senior now".

Choi Tae Jun replied, "I didn't have many scenes, so sometimes I felt shy during shooting time. But Kim Bum was a great senior, he took care of me. I'm very thankful to him and I must perform better each time in return".

Source: Newsen

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