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Jung Il Woo stars in "The Moon Embraces The Sun" !

Date: Dec 06 2011

Jung Il Woo stars in The Moon Embraces The Sun

"Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" has definitely helped to increase Jung Il Woo's fame to a whole new level.

Although he is still busy in the finishing stage shooting for that popular tvN drama, he has already received another offer to play in upcoming MBC drama, The Moon Embraces The Sun.

The Moon Embraces The Sun is a fantasy drama, tells story of hot tempered Prince Lee Hwon who falls in love with shaman named Wol. This drama has already picked Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) to play Prince Lee Hwon and Han Ga In (Bad Man) to play Wol.

So, Jung Il Woo will play second lead male, Prince Yang Myung, the half brother of Prince Hwon and also the second in line to the throne. This role previously offered to Joo Won (Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers) but perhaps because of Ojakgyo Brothers' extension, Joo Won could not join this drama.

It's quite a setback that after the success of "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop", Jung Il Woo picks a second lead role. Moreover, we think with the success of FBRS, Jung Il Woo should maintain his popularity with another leading role.

But, on other hand, it's an advantage for MBC as they successfully brings 2 hot actors for their primetime drama which will replace "Me Too, Flower" which didn't do well when it comes to ratings.

And of course it's also big entertainment for us, Korean drama lovers. Imagine Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo in the same drama ? Fantastic !!

Source: Jkn.co.kr

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