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Hye-ryoung to open for J-pop group Permanent Fish today

Date: 2010.04.21

Hye-ryoung to open for J-pop group Permanent Fish today

Korean pop singer Hye-ryoung has been chosen to open for Japanese a capella group Permanent Fish's Seoul concert today, according to her agency Mersenne Entertainment on Wednesday.

Mersenne explained in a press release that the singer will be performing several hit songs including her recent comeback single "Joo-jeon-ja" during her opening gig for Permanent Fish.

The concert will take place tonight, 7 p.m. at Soundholic near Seoul's Hong-ik University.

Permanent Fish is a five-member a capella group from Japan who has released several records including mini-albums "Home", "Effective" and "Premium K".

Hye-ryoung, 29, debuted in 2003 with her first studio album titled "To Expection..... First" in 2003 and has since released two more full-length and four single albums.

Some of her hits include "Fool", "Three Ways To Overcome Sadness" and the latest digital single "Joo-jeon-ja", which is a Korean acronym for 'sleeping while holding the phone in my pocket.'

The ballad singer, who once described herself as "the go-to singer for break-up songs", even offers fans advice on how to get over a break-up on her Cyworld mini-hompy, a popular social networking site.

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