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Heavy metal band Diablo to hold concert on Friday

Date: 2010.05.06

Heavy metal band Diablo to hold concert on Friday

Korean heavy metal band Diablo will be holding a solo concert in Korea on May 7, according to concert promoters FERAVIS on Thursday.

The concert titled 'BREAK! The Lockdown' will be held at the V-Hall located in Hongdae as part of promoting their newly released second album "Undefined."

This will be the first time in ten years the group will be performing on the local stage -- they most recently wrapped up their 'DIABLO Japan Tour 2010' in Osaka.

"The solo concert will surpass fans' expectations and it will be a very passionate performance," explained a representative from FERAVIS.

'BREAK! The Lockdown' will also feature guest performances by heavy metal band CRASH and METHOD.

Diablo, composed of members Chu Myeong-gyo (drums), Kim Su-han and Rock (guitar), Yoon Jae-pil (bass) and Bak Jeong-weon (vocals), were the opening act for American heavy metal band Pantera's Korea concert in 2001.

The Korean group then became recognized as the most successful heavy metal band in the country when their concert, held on the occasion of the release of their first album, attracted the largest number of audience ever to a concert of their genre.

The group has been performing in Korea and Japan first since 1993 and have joined the stage of many global rock legends including Korn, MachineHead, Marilyn Manson, Slayer and more.

Tickets for the concert are available on the official website of FERVAIS or can be purchased at the venue.

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