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"Flower Boys Ramyun Shop" hits top rating

Date: 2011/11/15

'Flower Boys Ramyun Shop' hits top rating

Korean drama 'Flower Boys Ramyun Shop' hit the top rating for same-time airing programs among cable channels.

Last week episodes was averaging at 1.45 percent and reaching highest 2.36 percent.

And yesterday the number got better, averaging at 2.26 percent and reaching highest at 2.8 percent.

The important notes from the numbers is that this drama received great support from women in their 20s to 30s. Flower Boys Ramyun Shop is the most-searched word in every Korean portal site and currently the hottest stuff in the internet bulletin with comments such as : 'I want Jung Il Woo's wink', 'I'm a girl but I'm fascinated by Lee Chung Ah' and 'How can I survive till next week?'

Yeah, who wouldn't love Jung Il Woo who plays a cocky prince charming??? Lee Chung Ah also surprised us with her comic role, although in our opinion she doesn't have a big charming aura but her personality makes us fall for her.

So, we predict that Flower Boys Ramyun Shop which is a very fun drama to watch and will be a milestone for Jung Il Woo's career.

Source: Newsen

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