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Casts of Dream High Season 2 finalized !

Date: Dec 06 2011

Casts of Dream High Season 2 finalized !

The casts of the korean musical drama "Dream High 2" has been finalized!! And just like Dream High season 1 earlier this year, the casts are mostly singers.

If in the first Dream High we've got 5 singers (T-ara's Ham Eun Jung, 2 PM 's Taecyeon and Wooyoung, miss A's Suzy, solo singer IU) and 1 actor Kim Soo Hyun, then in Dream High 2 we will get 3 singers and 1 actress : SISTAR's Hyorin, 2AM's Jinwoon, T-ara's Ji Yeon and actress Kang So Ra.

21-year-old Kang So Ra who got a lot of attention since her role in box-office movie Sunny will play Shin Hye Sung. With her role, she will give several dance performances throughout the drama.

T-ara Ji Yeon will play Rian, the member of girl band Hush. She dreams to go to Cannes although she lacks acting ability.

Ji Yeon is not a newbie in the acting industry as she had played several important roles in God of Study and Jungle Fish 2.

SISTAR's Hyorin will play Nana, also the member of girl band Hush. As the lead singer in Hush, she is extremely talented but has a secret past.

The leading man role in Dream High 2 will be played by 2AM's Jinwoon. His role, Jin Yoo Jin is a troubled boy who dreams to be a rock singer.

Source: Newsen

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