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"Bread, Love and Dreams" eyes 40 percent mark

Date: 2010.07.30

Bread, Love and Dreams eyes 40 percent mark
Official TV poster for series "Bread, Love and Dreams" [KBS]

KBS TV drama "Bread, Love and Dreams" continued its reign atop TV charts with higher viewership ratings than last week, indicating that the show may soon breach the 40 percent mark.

Figures from TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics) on Friday showed that "Bread," brought in ratings of 39.7 percent on July 28 and increased by 0.2 percent the next day, scoring the highest ratings since first going on air on June 9.

AGB Nielsen Media Research, however, revealed slightly lower ratings -- 36.6 percent on Wednesday and 37.9 percent on Thursday night.

This week's episode showed how Tak-koo (Yoon Si-yoon) and Ma-joon (Joo Won)reconciled their differences right before a baking competition.

Meanwhile, SBS' "Bad Boy" and MBC's war series "Road No. 1" maintained their position in second and third place, respectively, bringing in ratings in the eight to ten percent mark.

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