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Bobby Lee plays alien in Wonder Girls' new music video

Date: 2010.05.19

Bobby Lee plays alien in Wonder Girls' new music video
Wonder Girls and Korean-American comedian Bobby Lee in a music video for "2 Different Tears" [JYP Entertainment]

Korean-American comedian Bobby Lee starred as the alien in the music video for the Wonder Girls' latest single "2 Different Tears," according to a press release by agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) on Wednesday.

Lee, a regular cast member on popular U.S. comedy show Mad TV, had flown to Seoul last month to shoot the video with the pop group. Both he and the girls are managed by Creative Artists Agency in the U.S.

"We were able to have a much cooler music video thanks to Bobby Lee, who worked hard in the video despite his busy work schedule," an official at JYPE was quoted as saying. "The members had so much fun shooting the video and are very grateful."

The plot of the video centers around the girls who are given orders to catch an alien who has infiltrated earth after falling in love with the group's member Yubin. The girls go to a nightclub to try to capture the alien, but Yubin also falls in love with him upon learning that he came to earth to meet her.

The video was first unveiled at the album launch party last Sunday, then later posted on popular video-sharing site Youtube and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's website. Hilton had hosted the event in L.A. for the band.

Wonder Girls -- originally composed of Sohee, Yubin, Sun, Yenny and Mimi -- debuted in Korea in 2007 and quickly became one of the most successful pop groups in the country with three consecutive No. 1 singles, "Tell Me", "So Hot", and "Nobody".

At the height of their popularity in Korea, the girls and producer Park Jin-young surprised everyone by going over the U.S. where they began working as a virtually unknown pop group from Asia.

Their risky career move paid off though when the girls scored an opening gig for popular boy band Jonas Brothers' U.S. summer tour, appeared on several TV shows and became the first Korean artists to make the Billboard chart with their debut single "Nobody" in October 2009.

The quintet, with new member Lim replacing Mimi after she left the group in February, released their new album worldwide on May 16 (Korea time). They are currently in Seoul promoting the record.

The "2DT" video, which was shot in Korean, Chinese and English, is available for viewing on Wonder Girls' official Youtube channel.

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