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Angelina Jolie says sexy is about "living bold and honest life"

Date: 2010.07.28

Angelina Jolie says sexy is about
Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie at a press conference for her film "Salt" held at Shilla Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on July 28, 2010. [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

The name Angelina Jolie evokes an automatic association with the term 'sex symbol,' stemmed from her sultry appearance, but the actress herself describes that sexiness is not about how a person looks but how one lives her life.

At the press conference for her latest action film "Salt," held Wednesday afternoon at Seoul's Shilla Hotel, Jolie shared her thoughts on what sexiness is and what makes her feel sexy.

She had arrived in Seoul late Tuesday evening with four of her oldest children (Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh and Pax Thien).

"I think you feel sexy if you are living a very bold and very honest life," said the 35-year-old actress. "I've always just been who I am and maybe that comes across as sexy."

"But what makes me feel sexy is that Brad makes me feel very sexy. When I feel desired, I feel sexy," remarked Jolie.

When asked how she balances her globe-trotting acting work and being a mother of six young kids she raises with Pitt, she replied, "I am very fortunate that I have a job where I only work a few months out of the year and I take turns with Brad. Most people don't have that luxury, most parents work harder in that sense."

In "Salt," Jolie plays a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt who goes rogue after being accused of being a sleeper agent for Russia's intelligence agency KGB. The film, which was re-written for Jolie after Tom Cruise pulled out, opened at No. 2 in the U.S. on July 23, grossing $36 million during the opening weekend.

Known throughout her career for portraying strong women as she did in the "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" series, the actress explained that it was the depth of her character Salt as well as the film's combination of drama and action that drew her to playing the role.

"I find Salt, as a character, a much deeper character," said the actress. "It takes her until later in her life to figure out what she believes in as an individual and fight for what she wants as an individual. And I think that is an important message."

She then added, "It was the first time I was able to combine both [drama and action]. It's very different approaching an action scene when you have to base it on some kind of reality -- you can't just make up something fun. I find that challenge very interesting and very satisfying and maybe [that is why] I felt tougher in this one."

Plus, she loved getting back to doing action scenes, especially after giving birth to biological twins Knox and Vivienne eight months before she went into shoot.

"'Salt' was a good excuse for me to get physical again because I had been feeling very soft and maternal. It was only hard to get my stamina back but I love action. When you do something you love, you find the energy," Jolie told a reporter who asked how someone as thin as her finds the energy to do action scenes.

When Jolie, who also works as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, was asked for comments about the current situation in North Korea, she remarked that she met with local representatives from the agency earlier in the day and became aware of the support South Korea has given to the North.

"There's a lot in the news that often focuses on the tensions between the North and the South. It doesn't focus on how much support the people of South Korea are continuing to give to people of North Korea. I am very concerned about the people [in North Korea] but I know all of you are as well, and you've all been doing a great job to help them, so I'm just in solidarity with all of you."

Although this is her first trip to the country, the actress mentioned that her sons Maddox and Pax Thien are fans of Korean entertainer Rain.

"My boys like Rain, they are fascinated by him... And their mom thinks he is cool also," she added with a smile.

In response to a question about how she chooses her movie roles and whether her children or Brad Pitt influence her choices, she answered, "A lot of the times, it's what I've just never done before and wanting to trying to something different. Sometimes you do things with your family in mind that you want to do for them, but sometimes you have to do things that you simply are drawn to."

"Salt" opens in local theaters tomorrow.

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