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Actor Park Jae-jung takes off to China for promotion

Date: 2010.12.21

Actor Park Jae-jung takes off to China for promotion
Actor Park Jae-jung [Eyagi Entertainment]

Actor Park Jae-jung will fly to China today to promote KBS daily TV series "You Are My Destiny," according to his agency Eyagi Entertainment.

A press release by Eyagi stated Wednesday that the actor was invited to China by Anhui TV, one of the top provincial TV channels in China that is currently showing the drama co-starring Park and actress Yoona from popular female idol group Girls’ Generation.

During his stay in China, Park will appear in various talks shows and other entertainment programs for the New Year, as well as holding a press conference with over 70 media outlets.

“You Are My Destiny,” a family-romance drama that went on air in Korea from May 2008 to January 2009, tells of a homeless girl adopted into Kim family after receiving an eye corona transplant from their deceased daughter.

The same drama also showed in Japan early this year which led to Park gaining enough fans in the country to hold his first fan meeting in Fukuoka in September of this year.

Park made his debut in KBS' TV series "I Am Sam" in 2007 and has since appeared in other shows such as " "Queen Seon-duk (2009)" and "Coffee House (2010)." He has also starred in MBC reality show "We Got Married" alongside Korean girl group After School member UIE.

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