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Actor Kim Sung-min charged with using drugs

Date: 2010.12.22

Actor Kim Sung-min charged with using drugs
Actor Kim Sung-min [Platys Entertainment]

Prosecutors have charged actor Kim Sung-min with using methamphetamine and smoking marijuana.

The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office said Wednesday that Kim has been suspected of smuggling meth into Korea in April and September of 2008, as well as August of this year, from a local in Cebu of the Philippines through his underwear or travelling bag and taking the controlled substance a total four times since September.

Kim also allegedly smoked marijuana over three occasions in May and September of this year.

Kim, 36, was arrested early this month, putting fans and the entertainment industry into a state of shock since Kim has long maintained an image as a well-mannered and trustworthy actor with a cheerful and mild disposition.

His popularity had climbed in recent months after starting to appear in the "What Makes a Man" segment of KBS reality show "Happy Sunday" this year but was immediately booted off the show after news broke -- producers cut out all scenes containing Kim in yesterday's episode.

Kim, who debuted as a stage actor in 1995, had gained fame in 2002 after starring in "Miss Mermaid" and has since appeared in a steady number of movies and dramas including "Lotus Family (2004)," "Couple or Trouble (2006)," "Glory of the Family (2008)," and "What's for Dinner? (2009)"

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