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4minute holds first Japan concert in front of 4,000 fans

Date: 2010.05.10

4minute holds first Japan concert in front of 4,000 fans

Female girl group 4minute held their first-ever Japan concert over the weekend, according to their agency Cube Entertainment on Monday.

Cube released a press release stating the girls performed their first-ever solo concert titled "LIVE Energy Vol.1 - Muzik" at the JEPP Hall in Odaiba, Japan on May 8.

The one-hour 30 minute-long concert, attended by some 4,000 fans, featured the girls' songs including "Hot Issue," "Muzik" and "What a Girl Wants."

The five-member also gave individual performances; Sohyun gave her rendition of Lil Mama's "G-Slide," Jihyun danced powerfully to Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied," HyunA sang her solo single "Change," Jiyoon gave her version of Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Gayoon performed the popular song "Snow Flower" in both Korean and Japanese.

They also gave their first-ever live performance of their Japanese single "Muzik," which went on sale in the country on May 5.

Before the concert, the girl band attended a press conference with about 50 Japanese media companies in attendance including Asahi TV, TBS and NTV.

An associate from Cube explained, "It was interesting to see that unlike other Korean singers who would attract local fans in their 40s to 50s, the fans for 4minute were people in their teens and 20s. It shows that the girls have a growing fan base and interest with their strong charisma and image."

4minute, who made their musical debut in 2009 with their single "Hot Issue," have enjoyed success with their mini-album "For Muzik" which topped various charts in Asia including Taiwan and the Philippines.

They are currently wrapping up preparations for their upcoming Korean album.
4minute holds first Japan concert in front of 4,000 fans
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